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About Us


The history of our company began in 1989, when, with our family, we decided to launch the production of diving suits and accessories under the Eques brand in our country. Over time our product range has been enriched with solutions for users from the military market, represented by special forces and the navy in Poland and other NATO countries.

              Suits for the military market users are physically produced in our production plant, but their idea or concept does not arise in the chair behind the desk. First of all, we listen to what the users have to say, and then try to turn their expectations into specific solutions meeting specific needs. With this approach, we build real value for the customer, based on:

* perfect fit of the profile of the suit to the task profile,

* perfect mastery of the construction details of the suit,

* perfect use of the configuration options of the suit,


              Since the very beginning of our company history, we have adopted a sea horse as our logo, which is surprisingly unique to marine life. This logo is located on the suits sold on the civilian market. While for branding of our diving suits designed for military market we consciously decided on a modification of our current logo - a sea horse has additional wings ... these wings were the equipment and simultaneously a distinctive hallmark of the Polish cavalry called hussars, the cavalry recognized by many as invincible in many battles in the battlefields of the seventeenth-century Europe ....


Ryszard Paluszkiewicz, owner and co-workers ....