European Factory - over 20 years experience

How do we work

Who are our customers?

Waterproof suits and accessories shown on our webpage are produced in our factory in Poland accordingly with end-users' assumptions, who come from different units of military special forces and rescue teams of countries belonging to NATO.

What is the scale of our production?

Some of shown products are manufactured in hundreds pieces – some of them in singles producer specialising in military waterproof suits we are very flexible because each client being aware of its needs has unique value for us.

How do we build the trust?

The client who is going to set collaboration up with us is becoming an owner of final solution, where such product is marked by his brand / trade name – for this reason we present co-author of project's product on our webpage. Regardless it, our firm at initial stage of project applies Confidentiality Agreement as a document to be respected by both of sides.

How do we reach solutions?

The key-factor in doing collaboration with our client is checking the possibility of converting his idea / concept into physical product under available technology in materials and constructions – for this stage in our company is responsible team “Military Implementations” which performs a work called a “feasibility study”.

How do we provide the quality of our products?

The first step is to organise product’s prototype to be evaluated and approved in terms of quality by a client – but the next step equally important is to ensure repeatability of quality in serial quantities, demanded by the client. Because of that, our firm buys materials and components only from reputable producers located in Europe and U.S.A. Additionally, the production process in our company is provided under quality management system, confirmed by certifications of ISO and AQAP.

Who trusted us?

On our webpage there are several recommendations issued by clients, who trusted us and for this reason we feel he sense of our daily work…

Contact with our firm is simple – please send the message to our e-mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then our Military Implementations team will contact with You….