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NOMEX dry-suit for pilots


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Military dry-suit for pilots

Model "Nomex dry-suit Pilot" - Reference number: M-NDDS/100.

Project made together with "Technical Institute of Air Forces" in Warsaw / Poland for Polish Navy Air Forces.

Application of dry-suit:

For pilots of planes and helicopters flying over the waters.

Description of dry-suit:

Area of fitted profile.

  • The construction of suit is a very ergonomic and maneuvarable for pilot sitting in cockpit.
  • Back entrance plastic gastight zipper is arranged in an curve way called as „swimmer’ - user can close/open zipper in a very easy way.
  • Breathable material provides high thermal comfort during staying in cockpit– in turn, waterproofness protects user from hypothermia in the case of accident when user stays in the water and waits for rescue team.
  • The suit due to its flame resistance protects user from the impact of fire.
  • The suit is made from antistatic, flame resistant Nomex material laminated by waterproof, breathable bi-componental PTFE membrane.

Area of fitted details.

  • Seals in the suit (neck and wrist) are made from super stretchable neoprene material.
  • The suit has a special dry-pocket built in the left upper arm of sleeve for carrying out of mobile phone.
  • The additional pockets are located at bottom part of trousers – user can also attach mobile pockets to molle platforms placed at upper part of trousers.
  • The suit has "relief" plastic gastight zipper covered by protective flap.
  • Oral valve placed at chest area enables end-user to inflate suit during stayig in the water.
  • The suit has elastic suspenders inside what increases fitting of suit to body shape.
  • Trousers of suit are ended by glued socks made from waterproof, breathable material.

Area of safety.

  • Suit comes with the following equipment:
    • separate hood from neoprene material,
    • three-fingers warming gloves from neoprene material,
    • warming separate socks from fleece,
    • personal thermoactive antistatic flame resistance lingerie in winter and summer version,
    • antistatic flame resistant undersuit in winter and summer version,
    • neck save life jacket twin-chambers 150 N in manual version (for pilot of jets in automatic version),
    • tactical jacket combined with neck save life jacket by molle system,
    • secure harness,
    • tactical boots,
    • transportation tactical bag,


Suit is available in Basic Chart of Standard Sizes, Extended Chart of Standard Sizes and Made to Measure.