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Admiral Unrug


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Military dry-suit for on-water / on land operations

Model: "ADMIRAL UNRUG" Reference number: M-NDDS/018
Project made for Polish Special Forces.

Application of dry-suit:

For operators of special forces involved in boarding actions and others being similar on water / on land.

Description of dry-suit:

Area of fitted profile.

  • The construction of suit is ergonomic and maneuvarable:
    • crotch seams are not crossed to each other,
    • the entrance plastic gastight TIZIP zipper is placed on back in a special horizontal line which enables user closing/opening in an independent way,
  • The textile fabric is waterproof, breathable, fire-retardant Nomex available in dark-blue or in green color – this kind of material additionally is resistent for perforation related to sparks effect which occurs during cutting metal objects or related to the effect of hot scales which can hit back operator using heavy gun-machine in shooting action.
  • Reinforcements on knees, seat and elbows are made from fire-retardant Nomex material having additonal ceramic elements which provide a very high abrasion resistance and flexibility.
  • Knee pads have mobile counter-shock inserts PORON J-Guard.
  • Other parts of suit like plastic gastight zippers and threads are also fire-retardant.
  • The molle system in this suit is additionally extended by a special front-side platform at the upper-chest area what provides other options of configuration.

Area of fitted details.

  • The suit has a special mobile hood attached by zipper where hood is fitted to the shape of helmet.
  • Glued neoprene neck seal and glued neoprene wrists seals are very comfortable for user.
  • External collar protects neck seal – collar has a short vertical zipper for closing/opening.
  • The suit has a very functional and unique multi-system of pockets including:
    • upper-arm small mobile pocket which is attached in molle system on right sleeve
    • upper-arm dry-pocket on left sleeve with additional molle platform for attaching the next small mobile pockets,
    • glued forearm map pocket on left sleeve,
    • small molle platform which is located on foream of right sleeve for attaching additional small elements,
    • two mobile cargo pockets which are placed on the sides of legs and installed in molle system,
    • two small pockets which are sewed on ankle cuffs,
  • Sleeves of suit are ended by glued neoprene wrists seals which are protected by external cuffs closed on Velcro straps,
  • The suit has "relief" plastic gastight TIZIP zipper in front of torso covered by protective flap.
  • There is an elastic waistband placed on back of suit for better fitting.
  • The suit has inside elastic suspenders for getting better stabilization during the usage.
  • Trousers of suit are ended by integrated socks made from Nomex fabric.

Area of fitted configurations.

  • Instead of HD latex seals alternatively the silicone seals can be used in wrists and neck area.
  • Instead of YKK plastic gastight zippers alternatively can be used TIZIP plastic gastight zippers.
  • The pockets on hands and legs area can be:
    • integrated in fixed way by glueing,
    • integrated in fixed way by stitching,
    • integrated in mobile way by molle system of straps where molle system can be made in classic version or in lasered version,
  • Integrated socks can be made:
    • from the same textile fabric as used in the suit,
    • rom neoprene material,


Suit is available in Basic Chart of Standard Sizes, Extended Chart of Standard Sizes and Made to Measure.