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Military dry-suit of sea shore landing

Model: "Amphibious" - Reference number: M-NDDS/01.

Project made together with Dutch business partner "TMG Techniek Midden Gelderland" for Dutch Army.

Application of dry-suit:

For troops using sea amphibious for landing operations on shores.

Description of dry-suit:

Area of fitted profile.

  • The construction of suit has the enormous size and has a special kind of rubber boots what enables to wear it as external coverall on equipped user – after reaching shore the suit is taken off.
  • The textile fabric is lightweight, waterpoof Nylon in green NATO color.

Area of fitted details.

  • The boots have straps for better fitting.
  • There are transparent pockets on sleeves.
  • There is integrated in fixed way hood.

Area of fitted configurations.

  • Instead of neoprene seals the HD latex seals can be used in wrists area.


The size of suit is qualified as "oversized".