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Immersion dry-suit–Model: "Water Works"- Reference number: I-DS/021.

Project made for Polish fire-bigades.

Application of dry-suit:

For memebers of fire-brigades doing technical works near water or in water.

Description of dry-suit:

A/ Area of fitted profile.

1.The construction of suit is ergonomic and maneuvarable:

a/crotch seams are not crossed to each other,

b/the entrance plastic gastight YKK zipper is placed in horizontal way on back, where

   additionally entrance zipper is protected by flap with Velcro strap,

2.The textile fabric used in the whole suit is a very light weight waterproof nylon laminated

   by polyurethan where front-side is in black color – upper part of suit is additionally

   covered by layer of cordura Dtx 1000 in red color or optionally the whole suit can be

   covered by cordura in red color.

B/Area of fitted details.

1.Glued latex neck seal and latex wrists seals are flexible.

2.The suit has:

a/"relief" plastic gastigh zipper YKK covered by protective flap closed on Velcro strap,

b/ one cargo pocket on right leg,

c/ elastic suspenders inside for getting better stabilization during the usage,

d/ integrated special boots with steel reinforcements at tip of shoes and at sole of shoes,

   where soles of boots are oil resistant, anti-electrostatic, anti-slip and anti-puncture,

5.SOLAS reflexive tapes are used at fore-arms area and low part of trousers legs.


C/Area of fitted configurations.

1.Instead of latex seals alternatively neoprene seals can be used in wrists and neck


3.Instead of YKK plastic gastight zippers alternatively can be used TIZIP plastic gastight


4.The pockets on hands and legs area can be:

a/integrated in fixed way by glueing,

b/integrated in fixed way by stitching,

c/integrated in mobile way by molle system of straps where molle system can be made in

   classic version or in lasered version,