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Military dry-suit diving

Model: "Military School Training" in four patterns of camouflage:

  • MULTICAM / M-DDS / 014
  • A-TACS Law Enforcement / M-DDS / 015
  • A-TACS Foliage Green / M-DDS / 016
  • A-TACS Intermediate Xtreme / M-DDS/ 017

Application of dry-suit:

For training beginners in military diving.

Description of dry-suit:

Area of fitted profile.

  • The construction of suit is ergonomic and maneuvarable:
    • crotch seams are not crossed to each other,
    • the entrance plastic gastight YKK zipper placed in diagonal way in front of torso enables user closing/opening in very easy way, where additionally entrance zipper is protected by flap with Velcro fastener.
    • telescoping torso solution provides for user additional flexibility,
    • the total weight of suit does not exceeds 1,5 kg what means that such suit is the lightest in the world,
  • The suit is made from two textile fabrics:
    • internal textile fabric of nylon with PU,
    • external textile fabric of cordura with different patterns of camouflage,

Area of fitted details.

  • The solution of glued flexible neck ring and mobile HD latex neck seal enables end-user to replace damaged seal for a new one immediately at the place of usage.
  • HD latex neck seal is covered by external neoprene warming collar.
  • The solution of glued Sitech rings and mobile HD latex wrist seals applied in sleeves enables end-user to replace damaged seals for a new one immediately at the place of usage.
  • Sitech exhaust valve is placed on left sleeves at forearm area – Sitech in-let valve is located in front of on left leg.
  • Suit has two cargo pockets placed on the side of legs installed in molle system of straps made in lasered version, where flaps at the bottom parts have inside a special elastic ropes enabling better catching by hands dressed in gloves:
  • Suit has one cylinder pocket placed on left leg in molle system of straps which are made in lasered version.
  • Suit has "relief" plastic gastight YKK zipper in front of torso covered by protective flap with Velcro fastener.
  • External cuffs at wrists and ankles area have short plastic YKK zippers and additionally have also a solution of rubber strap-Velcro fasteners for keeping slider locks of YKK zippers in fixed position what eliminates the risk of hooking up while moving hands/legs.
  • The suit has elastic suspenders inside for getting better stabilization during the usage.
  • Integrated socks are made from neoprene material.

Area of fitted configurations.

  • Instead of HD latex seals alternatively the silicone seals can be used in wrists and neck area.
  • Instead of YKK plastic gastight zippers alternatively can be used TIZIP plastic gastight zippers.
  • The pockets on hands and legs area can be:
    • integrated in fixed way by glueing,
    • integrated in fixed way by stitching,
    • integrated in mobile way by molle system of straps where molle system can be made in classic version or in lasered version,
  • Integrated socks can be made:
    • from the same textile fabric as used in the suit,
    • rom neoprene material,


Suit is available in Basic Chart of Standard Sizes, Extended Chart of Standard Sizes and Made to Measure.