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Tactical dry-bag.

Model: Dry-bag for military equipment "OL-WP-DBB 35" – Reference number : M-DB/03.


Application of dry-bag:

For underwater transportation of military equipment.


Description of dry-bag:

Area of fitted profile.

> The whole construction of dry-bag is designed to get size volume 35 l.

> The color of external backpack is black or optionally green..

> The construction of external backpack has drainage system allowing for quick water


> The external backpack has molle system in front and sides area which enables to attach and carry

   out additional equipment.

Area of fitted details.

> External backpack is made from cordura at Dtx 1500.

> The internal dry-chamber has inflation system which includes corrugated inflator type "K" ended

   by valve.

> The internal transport chamber is made from heavy rubber material in black color and is closed by

   metal gastight zipper Dynat.